Flamm City CyclesSand Cast Aluminum / Frame Chopping / Tube Bending / Tig Welding / Mig Welding

The days of the hundred thousand dollar theme builds are over for now. The industry has been flooded with so many money hungry hacks with no passion for the true chopper. We think it’s time to return to more classic designed choppers and customs where the only “theme” is the motorcycle.

Flamm City Cycles is a full service shop capable of both engine and frame modifications. Although we have the ability to produce custom frames, we prefer to chop your existing frame and modify it the way you want it (raking/ hard tail/ stretches).

We also provide aluminum sand casting services which produce parts from less than an ounce up to several pounds. Clients can order one custom designed part or several hundred at
reasonable prices.

We create classic styled chopper parts the same way they were built “back in the day”. No computer designs or 3-D printers. No CNC machined billet parts.aboutpage-bottomlogo


Just hand carved, hand cast and hand finished parts made right here in St. Louis, MO USA….. the way they should be.